Eco Fashion Shopping: Wertvoll, Berlin

Eco Fashion Shopping: Wertwoll, Berlin

The eco fashion scene in Berlin is quite big. They have the Green Showroom during Berlin Fashion Week, many shops focusing on eco-friendly fashion and I even did part of my Master in Berlin studying sustainable fashion. When we were there for my birthday in October last year I wanted to have a look in some of the many shops, so I followed this map and tried to drop by as many of them as possible. To be honest most of them were a huge disappointment, but one was worth all the trouble.

Wertvoll in Prenzlauerberg has a wide range of some of my favourite brands, the décor is cosy and the store staff is really friendly and engaging. I purchased a beautiful petroleum blue shirt from Jan’n June in recycled polyester and a new wallet from O MY BAG made from Indian leather from cows that have died of old age and not for their meat or dive.

Eco Fashion Shopping: Wertwoll, Berlin


If you’re ever in the neighbourhood the address is: Marienburger Str. 39, 10405 Berlin, Germany

Or you can check them out online: (in German)

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