Making it last


This sweater is almost four years old. It was my favourite when I first got it because of the fit and the beautiful dark, bottle green colour. But I haven’t really worn it this winter, not because I no longer like the fit or the colour, but because it has started to pill and look too worn out. I considered giving it to charity multiple times, but could never really part with it when it came down to it.


A while ago I saw Johanne from show how she used a razor on her old sweater to get rid of the pilling and I decided to give it a try. I made some coffee, put on one of my favourite podcasts; the spirit of 608 (when you have a long commute to work, podcasts are lifesavers, so I have several I listen to regularly) and gave it a try. It worked perfectly. Half an hour later I had a beautiful ‘new’ old sweater that I can’t wait to wear again.


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