Spring basics – accessories edition

Spring basics - accessories edition

{ My Spring trench coat }

So the calendar says 1st of April and we’ve officially entered the second month of spring, although in Denmark it doesn’t really feel like it. I’m telling myself that’s why the first three months of the year have gone by in, what feels like, the blink of the eye. Getting into some routines with the new job has taken longer than I was hoping for, but it finally feels like I have found some balance and with that, some creative space for blogging. I know April 1st is usually associated with Aprils Fools’ Day, but I’m allowing myself to make it all about new beginnings for the blog and are quite excited for all the content I’m working on for the coming month. We’re talking tips for building a lasting wardrobe, brand features, inspiration and pros and cons about materials. Additionally, there’s some pretty exciting things happening in April; H&M is launching another Conscious collection, and then on a broader scale there’s World Recycling Week and Earth Day.

Spring basics - accessories edition

{ CrossEyes x Northside Festival sunglasses, ByMarika earing and necklace, Black notebook, Will’s Vegan shoes } 

To start of though, I’m going back to basics. More specifically my accessories basics for Spring. They work together and separately and all of them make me feel put together and add a bit of edge to the simple outfits I usually rock.

The sunglasses was a bit of a spontaneous purchase on Northside Festival, but luckily almost a year later I still love the look, the quality is as good as new and on the sunny days I hope we’ll have in the months to come, they will be on constant rotation with my Raybans.

The jewelry from ByMarika are Birthday and Christmas gifts and add a bit of delicacy additionally, it’s an Aarhus based brand, everything is hand-made and the girl behind is such an inspiration if you’re thinking about starting your own business.

The notebook is a no-brand I found in a box when we moved back to our flat in Denmark and although I’d love for all my great notes to be jotted down in a nice one made of recycled paper or something like that, it became handy one day when inspiration suddenly appeared and now it includes to many notes for me to change it up + I like the idea of using what I already have before buying something new.

The shoes I have shown you before, but as it’s finally getting warm enough to show of my ankles they are definitely getting worn more. I’m still curious to see how the quality will last compared to leather shoes.

Spring basics - accessories edition
The coat I got at a flea market a couple of years ago and the lady selling it to me told me how she’d got it in London and really wanted to keep it because it reminded her of that trip, but after loosing weight it just looked too big on her. It is quite big, I’ll give her that, but I love the oversize look and the light colour. Even the Sherlock Holmes neck label adds a nice touch. Whether it really was purchased in London or not I love the idea of garments getting a second life. Flea market finds are my favourite.

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