Fashion Revolution or World Recycling Week

Fashion Revolution

A couple a weeks ago I came across the news that H&M was going to launch a World Recycling Week during which they would focus on collecting old garments in all of their stores and had set a goal of collection 1,000 tons of textile waste, they teamed up with M.I.A who made an exclusive music video for the launch – and to be honest I really liked the idea, even if I thought teaming up with M.I.A was just a marketing stunt, I do understand that it might take something like that to engage consumers. Continue Reading

H&M conscious exclusive 2016

conscious exclusive 2016

Today H&M is launching their yearly conscious exclusive collection. I’ve always loved the concept and have previously bought a dress I’ve worn for several weddings. This year I’m contemplating whether I should buy this one, reuse the one I already own or invest in a dress from a smaller brand / independent designer – because even though I love this concept and the fact that H&M helps create awareness about sustainable fashion they are still a fast fashion company, which I don’t think will ever be truly sustainable. Continue Reading

OOTD: Grandmother’s jacket

OOTD: My grandmother's jacket

This is one of my favourite jackets. It used to belong to my grandmother and I found it in my dad’s addict last summer while cleaning up, and I just instantly knew it would be a wardrobe stable for years to come. Every time I wear it, I think of her and I love to picture on which occasions she would put it on, which makes the jacket feel extra special to me and I know I will never part with it. Continue Reading

Weekly inspiration 040416

Today I’m introducing a new initiative here on blog; a returning article series called: “weekly inspiration”. I always feel a bit ambivalent about Mondays. On the one hand they mean the weekend is over and on the other they signify fresh starts and a world of new opportunities. To feel a bit more ready and welcome all those new opportunities I love to look through pinterest to feel inspired and ready. Continue Reading

Spring basics – accessories edition

Spring basics - accessories edition

So the calendar says 1st of April and we’ve officially entered the second month of spring, although in Denmark it doesn’t really feel like it. I’m telling myself that’s why the first three months of the year have gone by in, what feels like, the blink of the eye. Getting into some routines with the new job has taken longer than I was hoping for, but it finally feels like I have found some balance and with that, some creative space for blogging. I know April 1st is usually associated with Aprils fools day, but I’m allowing myself to make it all about new beginnings for the blog and are quite excited for all the content I’m working on for the coming month. Continue Reading