Brand Feature: Swedish Stockings

Brand Feature Swedish Stockings

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It’s time for another brand feature, and this time it’s one of my latest discoveries; Swedish Stockings. It’s funny how you find the perfect things when you’re not even looking. A couple of weeks ago I realised I hadn’t really been using any of my dresses since the temperatures had dropped. When I talked about turning my summer favourites into fall stables I definitely also meant to include my dresses, but I hate being cold and I didn’t really have any stockings. And I didn’t really want to get any.

I have been thinking about the issue of stockings for a while, because I can never seem to make mine last. I wear them a handful of times before they tend to either break or look worn out, which is just such a waste in my opinion Talk about designing things to be obsolete. I’ve tried so many different stockings from various brands but have never found any that last. And so buying stockings always seems like money out the window, which I guess is why I’ve tended to get mine at H&M, simply because I couldn’t afford to buy expensive stockings over and over again. Not exactly sustainable, but neither is not using half your wardrobe, so what’s a girl got to do?

Imagine my excitement last Sunday, when I came across the brand Swedish Stockings, randomly, on a spontaneous daytrip to Brighton.

Brand Feature Swedish Stockings

Swedish Stockings’ products are made from recycled yarn. The stockings are manufactured in Italy, on factories where a large part of the production is driven by solar cell panels and furthermore, the water used in the dyeing process is purified so it’s able to flow back into agricultural landscape.

Brand Feature Swedish Stockings

Whenever I come across a new sustainable brand I get excited, just because I love that there are people out there that wants to make a difference. But what make me actually buy the product are the design, material and quality. This time around I was just really excited to have found a sustainable alternative to H&M and so I knew I had to get them either way. Luckily, I’m not too picky with my stockings, I prefer them to be black and matte, but other than that I just go for comfort. So far so good. I got the Control Top in 40 denier and they are both comfortable and matte enough for me. And I love the packaging; it just feels a bit more exclusive to get your stockings in a pretty package.

Now I’m just excited to see if they will last longer than my usual stockings.

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  1. I use Stockings from Grödo. They are really good too. ´Made out of organic cotton with a bit of elsathan and produced in Germany 😉
    If you are looking for simple ones.

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