One man’s trash, another (wo)man’s tressure

One man's trash, another (wo)man's tressure

{ Ralph Lauren merino wool sweater, H&M conscious tee, Cheap Monday jeans, and & Other Stories shoes }

You know the saying “One man’s trash, another man’s tressure”. This is the story of how this classic Ralph Lauren sweater in merino wool is exactly that or more correctly; “One man’s trash, another (wo)man’s tressure”. It’s quickly become a wardrobe stable and it ended up in my wardrobe, almost by coincident.

One man's trash, another (wo)man's tressure

{ My CrossEyes x Northside Festival sunglasses are made of high quality, recycled acetate and I love them! }

As we were packing our apartment back in Denmark before moving to London, we both cleaned out our wardrobes (of course using this guide) and he decided not to keep this one, because it was just a biiiit too small. He asked if I wanted it, and I almost said no, because I didn’t think it was my style. I ended up keeping it because of the great quality. I kept it hanging in my wardrobe as I was packing everything else, undecided on whether I should bring it with me or not.

One man's trash, another (wo)man's tressure

The last week in Denmark, we were going to a thing with some friends, which would be outside and the weather was as undecided between warm and cold, as I was between keeping the sweater and giving it away. As I had packed almost everything else, I brought the grey merino wool sweater with me, and around the same time as the weather the decided to be cold, I decided the sweater was a keeper.

It’s soft and warm, and easy to style with so many of my other wardrobe favourites, like here and here. I’m so happy I decided to keep it, and it’s practically impossible for me to remember what my wardrobe was like without it.

One man's trash, another (wo)man's tressure

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