Why I chose Nike shoes

Why I chose Nike shoes

{ Up close and personal }

I’ve thought a lot about, why I chose Nike shoes. I talked a bit about choosing a pair of Nike shoes over a more sustainable alternative here, and I even if I did have some concerns, I’m so happy with my decision.

I found the shoes at & Other Stories on Regent Street and I’m very much aware of the fact that & Other Stories is not a sustainable brand in any way (although, as part of H&M they do share the same goals and commitments – not sustainable, but heading in the right direction). But, and this will always be my but, when trying to make the most conscious additions to my wardrobe; I love the brand! I love visiting their stores! And I love how they’re able to implement other brands, like Nike, into their stores. Like so many other non-sustainable brands, & Other Stories have managed to build a strong, appealing brand. Their various collaborations with designers, models and other fashion/art/music personalities are brilliant ways of engaging fans and customers. So yes, I go there from time to time. And yes, I occasionally buy something – if I really, really love it, if it’s good quality and if it matches something from my ‘wish-list’.

The Nike Air Max Thea met all three of these requirements, and two weeks later I haven’t once regretted buying them.

Why I chose Nike shoes

{ They’ve quickly become a wardrobe stable }

So this is my question, to myself and to you; how can sustainable brands learn from non-sustainable ones, when it comes to building a strong brand? There are a lot of great sustainable brands out there (for example AIAYU & Honest by), but time and time again I feel many of them are missing something. Fashion has this magical way of being able to create identities, and often I feel that sustainable brands lack this understanding. It is as if being sustainable is the identity, which is great, but then again, I’m so much more than my interest in sustainable, ethical production and company philosophy and I find it difficult to find clothes to mirror this when shopping just sustainable brands. That’s essentially why I chose Nike shoes.

Why I chose Nike shoes

{ Perfect for long walks in London’s many parks, enjoying the sunshine and change of season }

They’re comfortable and a perfect combination of a classic, black leather shoe and a sporty sneaker. They literally go with everything in my wardrobe, which makes my mornings so much easier. I’m sure they will be part of my wardrobe for a long time and through them, I can communicate more of who I am, which is what fashion is all about, isn’t it?!

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