Matt & Nat Backpack

Matt & Nat Backpack

{ My new backpack from Matt & Nat }

As you might remember from my fall wish list, I’ve been looking for a new bag to carry around all my daily ‘necessities’. Logging my things around in a canvas tote is impossible in the long run – I apparently have too many ‘necessities’, I need to have with me at all times and it was just so unpractical on the tube and for long days out and about the city.

I started out thinking I wanted a tote bag. I love the classic look it can bring to an outfit and with the right size; it would be possible to fit all my stuff in it. I found some beautiful bags, but never really anything that would fit with my sustainability criteria. Until I came across Canadian vegan brand Matt & Nat!

I read up about the brand and loved both their philosophy and their designs. This beautiful classic black tote was almost on its way to my doorstep, but as I’m new to vegan leather and not quite sure what the quality, look and feel would be in real life, I hesitated.

Matt & Nat Backpack

{ Some of my daily ‘necessities’ – and yes; I bring both my sunglasses and an umbrella with me on a daily basis (that’s London weather for you). I always have my notebook with me, to jolt down new ideas/things to remember. I also bring a book for passing time on the tube; this week it’s the schedule for Design week – so many interesting talks/things to see and do in London }

Luckily, the brand was available at stores in London, so I decided to drop by the ethical shop 69B on Broadway Market to check out the bags in real life. First time around they hadn’t received the new bags yet and were actually waiting for all their new fall pieces to arrive and asked me to come back about a week later.

Not being the most patient of people and with a nearly blue shoulder from carrying around the heavy canvas tote, I decided to keep looking. And so I did. And found nothing. In the meantime I started wondering if a tote bag would be the best option. Although the straps would change I would still have to carry everything on one shoulder or in my hand or on my arm and it was just such a hassle. If you’ve ever been to London you’ll know how hot it gets on the tube, and I constantly found myself carrying around my coat or scarf along with the heavy bag. And so I started looking for a backpack instead. Which is usually too sporty in my opinion. Most times I think people look like they’re on their way camping, hiking or backpacking across several continents. And it was just not the look I was going for.

The week finally pasted and I went back to 69B to see what had arrived. The moment I put it on I knew it was perfect!

Matt & Nat Backpack

{ Out and about with my new backpack }

If you’re interested in learning more about Matt & Nat go here.

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