FEATURE: Reformation

Reformation is a relatively new brand founded in 2009 in Los Angeles by Yael Aflalo. Even if it is six years old, I only recently stumbled upon Reformation, while looking for sustainable fashion companies who had a company philosophy I could love as much as their clothes. Reformation is one such company. I even added a piece from their collection to my fall wishlist in two different colours.

Feature: Reformation - WARWICK DRESS

{ Absolutely love this simple dress in micro tencel }

One of my favourite things about Reformation is that they DON’T think cotton is awesome. Sure, Organic cotton is a step in the right direction, but it is still land and water intensive and it needs anywhere between 20%-50% more land to produce organic, compared to conventional cotton. And don’t even get me (or Reformation) started on the impact conventional cotton has, which is some of the most harmful environmental impacts of all fabrics. It consumes 10% of the world’s pesticides and 25% of the world’s insecticides, but use only 2,4% of total arable land. Additionally, most cotton requires high levels of irrigation and water intensive processing. The irrigation systems circulate chemical inputs in groundwater, making cotton production the largest textile contributor to freshwater and soil toxicity in the world.

In a time where most sustainability approaches focuses on organic cotton it is refreshing to see someone taking a stand against it.

Feature: Reformation - ADOBE DRESS

{ Classic black dress produced in deadstock material }

Instead of using cotton, Reformation garments are made out three other types of materials:

65% Eco fabrics such as Tencel,

15% Deadstock, meaning fabrics that would otherwise have been destined for landfills

20% vintage fabrics.

Reformation source and produce locally whenever possible and they still want to learn and get better, so on their website they literally ask for people to get in touch if they have knowledge the company could benefit from when it comes to sustainable materials, production, etc.

I love when a company is willing to admit it’s flaws and work to get better.


Feature: Reformation - RefRecycling

{ Reformation’s RefRecycling label makes it easier to recycle your clothes }

Another thing I love about Reformation is their RefRecycling. Whenever you buy an item online, Reformation will include a free RefRecycling shipping label. Then all you have to do is put the label on the box your new Reformation garment arrived in (or any other box if you prefer), fill it with whatever you want to recycle, then have it picked up at your door and Reformation will make sure it gets recycled in the best possible way. You can even track where your old stuff is going using the tracking number on the label.

How cool is that?

Feature: Reformation - ARLY DRESS

{ Another perfect black dress, making it hard to choose }

And you know the best thing about this company? They actually make great looking clothes! Being an environmentally conscious fashionista is hard work! I always have to ask questions and consider so many other things than just whether or not the clothes fit, and it is just such a relieve when the company just do it for you and produce their clothes in a responsible and environmentally considerate way. And they even pay their employees a decent amount of money!

I kind of want to make a happy dance every time I think about this company!

If you’re as excited as me, and want to learn more about Reformation and all their great work have a look here.

If you believe everything I’ve said (which you definitely can) and you just want to do some shopping, have a look at their great selection here.

All pictures by Reformation

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