{ Some of my favourite styles from the Autumn / Winter 2015 collection – photo via AIAUY }

It’s time for another FEATURE and this time I’ll show you one of my Danish favourites; AIAYU. I’m in love with the designs and philosophy behind.

All AIAYU products are produced in Bolivia and 95% of all their products are manufactured in a previously unknown llama wool quality. This llama wool quality has a number of unique properties; it is hollow and light, providing superior insulation and a natural softness. Furthermore, the fiber is longer, stronger, more durable and naturally hypoallergenic compared to other wool fibers.

The llama fiber is sustainable by nature; it is a by-product of a natural environment and harvested with minimal damage to both the environment and the llama.

To ensure minimal harm to the environment in the processing and production of llama wool, AIAYU and their supplier has, with support from DANIDA (the development cooperation under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark), implemented a water treatment plant that cleans the wastewater before releasing it into the general sewers. Additionally, the llama wool has the advantage that they come in a broad range of natural colors, ranging from pure white through grey, brown to black. To minimize the use of dyes and chemicals, dark fibers are used for dying dark yarns and light fibers are used for dying light colored yarns.

Pure llama wool is a self cleaning fiber and requires less washing than other materials. So even as a consumer you can add to AIAUY’s sustainability profile by saving resources and time and simply airing your AIAYU garments instead of washing it.


{ In love with this sweater from the Autumn / Winter 2015 collection – photo via AIAUY }

As I’ve talked about here and here, building a sustainable wardrobe is all about only adding pieces you really love. With a strong focus on long-lasting design and qualities, AIAYU has the potential to remain in your wardrobe season after season.

And last but not least, a feature I really love is that AIAUY offers their customers to hand in a treasured piece of AIAYU for free repair if technically possible. Longevity is a core value in this company and it’s so important when talking about sustainability. I’m definitely adding an AIAYU sweater to my wardrobe this fall; I just need to decide which one to choose….

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