Earth Overshoot Day

So, yesterday was Earth Overshoot Day….

Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity’s annual demands on nature exceed what Earth can regenerate in that year (- see more here). Makes you think, doesn’t it? It made me think… In eight months we’ve used up nature’s budget for the whole year – How?! How can we keep up consuming like this?! and why are we doing it?! I absolutely LOVE fashion, but it’s taking such a toll on the planet, and future generations are going to think of us as crazy people for not taking care of the one thing we all depend on – our planet! Continue Reading


It’s time for another FEATURE and this time I’ll show you one of my Danish favourites; AIAYU. I’m in love with the designs and philosophy behind.

All AIAYU products are produced in Bolivia and 95% of all their products are manufactured in a previously unknown llama wool quality. This llama wool quality has a number of unique properties; it is hollow and light, providing superior insulation and a natural softness. Furthermore, the fiber is longer, stronger, more durable and naturally hypoallergenic compared to other wool fibers. Continue Reading