FEATURE: 3D print-at-home collection by Bruno Pieters

EP01 collection by Bruno Pieters + Commes Des Machines

{ Shoe embellishment and keychain from the EP01 collection }


One of my favourite designers of all time, Bruno Pieters (known for his brand Honest By, which has a fully transparent supply chain), have recently launched a new innovative collection in collaboration with Spanish design collective ‘Commes Des Machines’ called EP01. The collection consists of accessories such as; combs, key chains, and shoe embellishments and is available for the consumer to purchase and print at home on a 3D printer.


comb from the EP01 collection

{ Comb from the EP01 collection }


Although I’m not totally in love with the designs, I am totally and utterly in love with the idea behind it. This way there’ll only be produced the amount of pieces that the consumer wants, it involves the consumer, as a co-creator, on a whole new level, and it brings new possibilities to the future production of fashion products.


See more of the collection and Honest By here.


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