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This is a blog about how sustainable, conscious fashion can and should be the new norm in fashion. It is here because I LOVE fashion! I love the magic that surrounds the fashion industry. I love how you can express yourself through the clothes you wear. I love how identities are created by the use of garments and how we identify ourselves with others – sometimes just by looking at each other.

What I don’t love is how fashion garments are often produced under horrible working conditions. And the speed with which it changes seems absolutely unnecessary. For someone who loves to go shopping and who gets a kick out of finding that special new piece that’s just going to make my wardrobe perfect (at least for a while), realizing how the industry actually works and what our consumption does to people and the planet was horrible. I want this to change. Do you?

I want to blog about how you can consume, act and dress more consciously, without loosing that magical feeling fashion creates. It is called The New Fashion Norm because I really want sustainability to be the new norm in fashion.

The content of the posts are based entirely on my own personal opinions and experiences. It is a learning process (for me as well). Feel free to comment, discuss and share your thoughts and knowledge about sustainable fashion.

I hope you enjoy my universe.

Welcome to The New Fashion Norm

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